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Welcome to FAMILIAS CON FE, a warm and welcoming shelter for homeless families seeking a safe place to find hope and support in difficult times. Our home is dedicated to providing a loving and compassionate environment for all people who need a helping hand to recover their stability and give a new direction to their lives.

At "FAMILIAS CON FE", we believe in the power of unity and solidarity, which is why we work tirelessly to provide families with a space that fosters respect, dignity, and mutual trust. Our team of highly trained professionals strive to provide a safe, judgment-free environment where each family member can heal and grow in all dimensions of their lives.

Our home provides temporary accommodation and comprehensive services to meet the basic needs of families, including food, medical and psychological care, as well as advice and guidance in the search for employment and housing. In addition, we promote education and training to improve the skills and employment opportunities of our residents, which will allow them to achieve independent and sustainable living in the future.

At "FAMILIAS CON FE", we are committed to the positive transformation of each family that walks through our doors. Our community is a space where smiles shine again, where family ties are strengthened, and where faith in a better future is renewed. We value diversity and honor the history of each family, recognizing that each of them has their own story of resilience and overcoming.

Your support and volunteering are essential to continue our mission. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these stranded families by giving them the opportunity to rebuild their lives with faith and hope.

Join us at "FAMILIAS CON FE" and be part of the positive change in the lives of these families in need! Together, we can make a significant difference and create a lasting impact on society.

Thank you for being part of this noble cause!

Connie y Tyler Youngkin

Nuestros principales colaboradores

Entrega de donaciones de alimentos, zapatos y útiles escolares para los niños.

Fuente de Amor EN ACCIÓN

Donación de Alimentos

Es un privilegio poder ser un canal de bendición que Dios utiliza, y suministrar las donaciones de alimentos que recibimos y con estas suplir a las familias de escasos recursos que se congregan en nuestra iglesia Fuente de Amor Tijuana.

También hemos sido un canal para distribuir donaciones de ropa, juguetes, útiles escolares y zapatos para las familias de escasos recursos.

La palabra de Dios dice:

Porque tuve hambre, y me disteis de comer; tuve sed, y me disteis de beber; fui forastero, y me recogisteis; estuve desnudo, y me cubristeis; enfermo, y me visitasteis; en la cárcel, y vinisteis a mí.  Mateo 25:35-36

Our General Pastors

Our Pastors

They are the married couple of David Reyes and Gisselle Guzmán, who were born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. They received the ordinance of the Holy Spirit in 2008 to be sent to Mexico to work on their work, first as evangelists, touring many cities in various states of Mexico, and God confirmed supporting their ministry, through signs, wonders and miracles, using them to bless this nation, and with their music as "The Powerful of JAH" reaching souls for Christ.

For several years, God used prophets to tell them that they should open a work in the city of Tijuana, where in obedience and faith they began in 2012 with ¨Fuente de Amor Tijuana¨ with coverage ¨Jesucristo Fuente de Amor Santo Domingo¨, a Congregation where both Gisselle and David Met Christ, and continue with the same coverage, and since then they have never stopped holding meetings for worship and the word of God, which bless many lives.


Make disciples of Christ.
This will be achieved through fellowship, love and being a united people in the faith and vision of Christ Jesus. We will dedicate all our efforts to achieve God's vision. Fuente de Amor understands and is part of this great purpose; we are committed to growing and helping others, supported by the Holy Spirit.


(To the lost): Conquer and win lost souls having compassion on them like Jesus so that they receive salvation and eternal life.


(To the convert): Follow up on those who have repented but who still do not walk with the word of God, so that they may be healed, restored and set free; So be part of the body of Christ. Give you the basic teachings of the Christian faith (Discipleship School)


(To the disciple): The School of Leadership seeks the growth in knowledge and maturity of the believer so that he becomes an effective leader in the Church, knowledgeable of the vision and doctrine of Christ; In the end you will be able to teach others what you learn. (School of Leadership)


(To the leader): You will be actively working in a ministry of Fuente de Amor and with your gifts, talents, abilities and virtues, you will be supporting the work for edification, subject to the vision and Biblical doctrine of Fuente de Amor.

THE PASTORAL FAMILY David and Gisselle Reyes



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    Fountain of Love Church Tijuana
    Calle 2da #7149 between streets H and G, Zona Centro, Tijuana, BC Mexico. (In front of Calimax and Lab. Gamboa)

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    SUNDAY (General Meeting) @12 PM
    MONDAY (Prayer) @7 PM
    THURSDAY (Maturity and Spiritual Growth) @7 PM

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    We have IgleKids (Church for children) and Nursery during services